2018: My resolution

There is the trend that people follow on the Internet to put up resolutions that people want to achieve the year ahead. ( The Resolutions)

Some wishes to focus on Health, Some of their skills and some others on well being.

This year was a fantastic year for me. My long awaited journey to Silicon Valley finally came true. I still remember mentioning to my friend in the first year that I would found a startup and visit Silicon Valley at end of 4 years of Engineering or else I would drop out. ( Read How was 2017 for me)

This year I decided to put forward a New Year Resolution and see if I can introspect myself this time the next year.

The intention to put this post public is

  1. Encourage others to put theirs
  2. Others who know/have done what I am planning can help me connect me with relevant people/information.

Here it goes-

Focus on health and reduce 5 kg weight.

Do some exercise at least 10 min a day.

Become a morning person.

Invest in good relationships/friendships.

Launch a product on Product Hunt and market it. 

Level up my skillsets in Digital Marketing(By Consulting/Internships/PR..).

Start Video Blogging(Vlog) or Master Video Marketing.

Inspire at least 100 people.

Meet and Interact with at least 100 new people.

Read 10 non-fiction books.

If there is any help/feedback/suggestions; feel free to mail me at Hello@Felixjosemon.com.