Movies I enjoy

here’s a list of movies I enjoy watching and rewatching. Most are underrated and have sometimes related to my life. Let me know if you watched any of these.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Forest Grump

It’s a wonderful life

A star is born

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Green mile


Peaky Blinders


Steins Gate

Attack on Titan

Devilman Crybaby

One Punch Man


2018: My resolution

There is the trend that people follow on the Internet to put up resolutions that people want to achieve the year ahead. ( The Resolutions)

Some wishes to focus on Health, Some of their skills and some others on well being.

This year was a fantastic year for me. My long awaited journey to Silicon Valley finally came true. I still remember mentioning to my friend in the first year that I would found a startup and visit Silicon Valley at end of 4 years of Engineering or else I would drop out. ( Read How was 2017 for me)

This year I decided to put forward a New Year Resolution and see if I can introspect myself this time the next year.

The intention to put this post public is

  1. Encourage others to put theirs
  2. Others who know/have done what I am planning can help me connect me with relevant people/information.

Here it goes-

Focus on health and reduce 5 kg weight.

Do some exercise at least 10 min a day.

Become a morning person.

Invest in good relationships/friendships.

Launch a product on Product Hunt and market it. 

Level up my skillsets in Digital Marketing(By Consulting/Internships/PR..).

Start Video Blogging(Vlog) or Master Video Marketing.

Inspire at least 100 people.

Meet and Interact with at least 100 new people.

Read 10 non-fiction books.

If there is any help/feedback/suggestions; feel free to mail me at


What’s the Future?

Nothing worries anyone than thinking, what they will become in Future.

I am writing this after watching FlashS03E19, my mind questions Who/What I will be 10 years from now.

Just to be on the same page.

Flash(Barry Alen), the fastest man Alive loves his friend Iris west( That’s her name). The Villian ‘Savitar’ known as God of Speed will kill Iris west on May 23, 2017. Barry, Iris and ‘Family’ are aware of this. Barry is trying everything to stop this from happening. No one knows who is behind the Savitar’s mask. Barry did some research and decides to go to the year 2024, hoping his elder self will be able to tell who Savitar actually is and Save iris from dying.

I am not going much into the details, recommend you to watch Flash TV series to know the whole story.

Image result for barry allen happy
Barry in 2017


Barry in 2024


See the difference?

Look how miserable he is.

You guessed it, Iris west Dies(As per this Episode)

Barry wasn’t able to save her. After she dies, he lost his hope. He turned angry and guilty to himself. He started living his life in agony. Every moment, he wishes to be with her. His love. Flash team splits up. Everyone is angry towards him, he is not able to speak up and solve issues.

That feeling you weren’t able to keep your promises. The guilt that everything went bad because of you and you feel, you will regret your entire life. The one whom you loved is gone forever and there is nothing you can do. The actions which you did can’t be undone. You will have to live with it, for the rest of your life.



There are certain things out of your control. No matter what you try, the result will be the same. You just have to acknowledge that and live your life. Good, Bad and Ugly things can happen to your life. Failure will hit your head badly. Both professionally and personally, you will miss opportunities, people will walk out of your life…

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. -Lance Amstrong”

The episode ends with the younger barry giving the hope and bring back the “Flash Team”.

I’m Gonna Go Take A Shit

{ Dramatic exit which I learned from Rick and Morty}

I Failed in S4 and How I feel?

Today my S4 result came. I looked up in University site for my result.

And Finally, I have failed in two subjects in S4 results. I was waiting for this moment all these years.


2017-03-31 at 3.27.20 PM I captured this screenshot of my result. Marked “U” are subjects I failed!

Why am I writing this as a blog? I will answer this at end of this blog.

First,  How do I feel about it?

I feel as normal. 

My Subconscious keeps complaining-

Are you kidding me?

You just failed in two of those subjects!

No one is going to hire you!

You won’t be able to enroll for placement from whooping companies who will be there in your college, exactly 1 year down the lane.

You won’t be able to enroll in those IIM’s nor IIT for Higher Educations coz ur GPA is low.

No good girl will look up to you.

The neighbors will think that you are a piece of sh!t.

The parents of your friends will ask them to no longer befriend you.

How can you look at Class tutor?

(Adding more after calling(asking how he felt) up my friend who happened to have failed in 1 subject)

You let the people down who believed in you.

You lacked praying to God.

You are not hardworking enough.

I am really pissed of the Faculty who didn’t even care to increase my mark a little bit, just so that I could pass through.

This is the first time you are failing in an exam in academics. You could have studied little harder.

Your life is over!


Writer laughing while writing these infinitely many possibilities.

(For voice-How I think I laugh)


Now to the answer for above.

Why am I writing this as a blog?

The Life is filled with ups and down. No matter what you do, there are certain things you need to learn, you need to practice, you need to face when you take the next jump. These failures are necessary and sufficient for that. With that

Dear Felix, When you feel down in future. Remember El Psy Congroo

( meaning- To Harden the Mind)

Update December 2017: Looks like University made a mistake, given revaluation my grades were updated to C from U and successfully cleared the lab as well. 

New CGPA- 7.85*